CSR PROJECTS “Empowering women entrepreneurs through Innovative Social enterprise & networking”

Name of the Project                       :           “Empowering women entrepreneurs through

Innovative Social enterprise & networking”

Legal Holder of the project &               :           M/S Action of Human Movement (AHM)

Office Address                                              3/13, Madha Koil street, Kammalam Poondi PO

Uthiramerur Tk, ,Kancheepuram district – 603406

Project In charge                            :           Mr.C.Arockia Raj, founder and CEO,9443596715              

Office Contact Number                  :           044- 27293555

Website and Email Id                     :           http://www.ahmngo.org, info@ahmngo.org,


Total Cost of the project              :           INR 10 Lacks (Ten Lacks Only)

Project start & End date               :          Oct 2015 to Sep 2016

Project Implementation Area      :           Maduranthagam,Kancheepuram and Chengal pattu,

Target group                                     :           Women Self Help Group @ the Age of 18 to 50

Low income group.

Duration of the project                    :           One Year

  • Objective of the project :                To identify and establish women business model.                                                                                          To identify women social enterprise though our tool.

To give Entrepreneur Development Program Training

To create more local job

To generate income for their family

To increase village economy

To establish women business models

To use locally available recourses

To increase women self governance

To give financial literacy to women

To reduce poverty

To increase the participation in local governance

To create a business culture among women

To fulfill local market demands

To create marketing network of women SHG Products

To create local business centers

To make them socially responsible citizens


Implementing plan and activity chart

S.No Project activities Month wise   M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 M11 M12
1 Advertisement and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for selection tools *                      
2 Selection ,monitoring tools * *                    
3 EDP Training Manuals   *                    
4 EDP Training     *                  
5 Site visit to successful business model     *                  
6 Selection of business models     *                  
7 Establishing business model       *                
8 Monitoring & Evaluation * * * * * * * * * * * *
9 Monthly report * * * * * * * * * * * *
10 Quarterly report     *     *     *     *
11 Project completion Report and Audit report                       *
12 Success stories to donors           *           *


Financial breakup

S.No Project activities     Unit cost Numbers Total Break up Percentage
1 Advertisements and Focus group discussion 3 group discussion

Hall Rent , TA, DA, Food &Refreshments to the participants

15000 3 FGDs 45000  




Total Program Cost percentage


2 Selection Monitoring Tool preparation (Research team) 50000 1 50000
3 EDP Training to the 40 women entrepreneurs Rs.200 X 40 Nos X 7 days , Sight visit 8000 7 days 56000
4 EDP Training Manuals 40 Nos X Rs.150 6000   6000
5 Enterprise sight visit 10000   10000
6 Financial help to 20 business model

20business X Rs.25000

25000 20 500000
7 Field Staff salary 2 Nos X 10000 X 12 months 10000 2nos 240000  

Project Running cost 24%


8 Office rent , Telephone bill , letters , Stationery , Petrol to the vehicle Rs.5000 X 12Months 5000   60000  


Admin Cost



9 Monitoring and evaluation Rs.1000 X 12 months 1000   12000
10 Women Entrepreneur Network formation 5000   5000
11 Audit report fees 10000   10000
12 Project   monthly, quarterly , Half yearly and project completion report 5000   6000


Total Grant requested from Donors (Rupees Ten Lacks only) 1000000  

About the organization: Action of Human Movement(AHM), is a registered charity working for the rural women, Children and youths since 2004.It is registered on 04.10.2004 under society registration act 27 of 1975. It is registered under tax exemption 12AA and 80G of I.T.Act 1961, Registered under FCRA Act 2010.You can have more details about this project and information in our website http://www.ahmngo.org,www.ahmngo.blogspot.in,www.facebook.com/ahmngo,twitter @ ahmngo.

AHM NGO main activities are innovative women social enterprise development and Skill Training , Carrier guidance and job placement for school finals (10th and +2), Evening study centre for Tribal children development, Rural Computer literacy program, Organic forming and food processing unit , Rural marketing for women Self Help Groups (SHG) products.

We are the south Asia level finalist award winner for Innovative women social enterprise model. We have successfully finished the research project on women social enterprise. We work with Switzerland based venture philanthropic company chilasa.org. We finished this successful business model in Kancheepuram district and want to replicate this model with the help of CSR donors like you.

About the project:  This project is an established business model. We have proven track record about this business model. This project model is developed for Women Self Help Group members in poverty. Ultimate goal of this project is to create more local job and poverty reduction. This is the innovative business model and brain child of AHM NGO and Chilasa.org team. We have implemented and tested the project success and want to replicate this model for the rural poor people.

The main step in this project is 1. Selection criteria tool, 2. Selection of women entrepreneurs 3. Innovative     EDP Training 3. Financial assistance to establish social enterprise, 4. Monitoring and evaluation. Each and every step to measure the output is with help of tool which we had. For this project poverty will reduce and they will create more local job, their income and saving will increase. So that the family will benefit and overcome their financial problem and as well as they got social security.

The Bank details of AHM NGO

For Indian Donation

Name of the Account        :           Action of Human Movement (AHM)

Account Number               :           822410100003551

IFSC Code                            :           BKID0008224

Name of the Bank              :           Bank of India

Branch                                  :           Kammalam Poondi

Bank Address                     :           67, Car Street, Kammalam Poondi – 603406

For foreign Donation

Name of the account         :           Action of Human Movement (AHM)

Account Number                :           822410210000024

Swift code                            :           BKIDINBBMOS

Name of the Bank              :           Bank of India

Branch                                  :           Kammalam Poondi

Note: Donations are tax exempted under 12AA, 80G of I.T Act 1965. AHM NGO Registered under FCRA Act 2010

Conclusion of the project: The project “Empowering women entrepreneurs through Innovative Social enterprise” is strictly designed as per “CSR & SUSTAINABILITY – POLICY, PROCESS & PROCEDURE”. We abide by the rules and regulation of the company. This project will give the positive impact for the women self help group members. We can create a sustainable business model to show this community. If we got the project we will work with you at your most satisfaction.                                     

                                                     For on behalf of AHM NGO  Project Strategic Team                                                                                                                                                                        C.Arockia RaJ